Areas Of Work

Areas of Work

The role of Compliance Manager has experienced a significant change over the past years. Compliance specialists are expected to be pro-active members of the corporate decision- making teams and act as change agents. Legal, Ethics and Compliance are complementary areas of work.

Cultural values, risk base thinking, customer due diligence and transactions monitoring are important elements to comply with Regulations and internal policies. Management should consider the risk-based decisions to create trust which enhances the integrity of operations and protects firms’ reputations.


It is important to have leadership across the business with strategic and operational guidance, reviewing the system of peoples, processes that enables the organization to understand and prioritize stakeholder’s expectations while providing advice to the business upon request on matters concerning Compliance.


Garcia Legal is a consultancy firm supporting SME companies in doing business internationally and counselling them on matters such as corporate governance and compliance issues like ESG, anti-corruption, anti-trust, economic sanctions, data privacy as
well as other traditional compliance matters. By understanding how individuals and groups are likely to respond to different situations, incentives, norms, and contextual factors, we can design more effective compliance frameworks.


Garcia Legal contributes and supports the development of international companies to make their compliance programmes a key element to achieve a higher professional standard and consequently a higher level of performance within the different legal systems in which they operate.


Having a strong legal background has helped Sonia Garcia to achieve successful results in implementing good governance practices in international environments, meeting the objectives of the clients while optimizing risk profile and protecting value, operate within legal, contractual, internal, social and ethical boundaries.

Garcia Legal works in the following areas of Compliance:

* Privacy and data protection
* Cybersecurity and IT
* Sustainability and ESG
* AML and whistleblowing
* Code of conducts/ethics
* Economic Sanctions and Embargoes/Export Controls
* Laws on safe and healthy work environment

A compliance programme incorporates many elements which must work together as a system to help deliver compliance in any company. To be effective we need to ask ourselves a few questions;

Do you want to stay compliant, stay competitive?

Do yourself a test by requesting the Compliance Questionnaire, after receiving your feedback, you can book a free consult to discuss your concerns