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Sonia Garcia Navasquillo is an international legal counsel working on Corporate Governance, Compliance (ESG, anti-corruption, supply chain, trade, competition) and Commercial Contracts.
Educated in fields related to International Business Law (LL.M), she obtained her Diploma Programme in Customs and Supply Chain Compliance at Rotterdam School of Management in 2019 and in 2022 she qualified as compliance professional at the International Compliance Association in Governance, Risk and Compliance where she has a membership certificate.


Additionally, she is also a member of the Spanish Compliance Association since January 2023. Sonia is dynamic, entrepreneurial with constructive state of mind and she realizes how important is to inspire organizations and leaders to anticipate investors questions before they are asked and to manage the risks and implement an ESG framework that will operate across the organizations. Values, ethics and principles are fundamental elements to influence the Corporate Governance towards a more sustainable world. Sonia’s most important values are integrity, honesty, proactivity, efficiency and perseverance. She knows that involving ethically responsible people within an organization will have a direct impact on the culture and the performance of any company. She is volunteer for several pro-bono organizations like UNICEF and The Hague hospital.

Sonia Garcia has a demonstrable track record of supporting enterprises with their internationalization strategy and their compliance strategy committed to sustainable business by designing internal policies and controls, and thus ensure their effectiveness and providing continuous training.

“Through my skills and experience I can support international organizations to improve governance & regulatory compliance aspects as well as increase awareness level to carry out their programmes and activities ethically and according to the International Law. I love this field because it gives me the possibility to inspire people and to instigate positive change in the organizations I work for and in our community in general”

My knowledge of international law, compliance and international relations together with my organizational competences and management skills are the key of success of the projects where I am involved in. I am creative, open and enjoy working in interdisciplinary and multicultural environment.

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